This presentation is based on the principles and practices prescribed in the National Standard for Cycle Training. Instructors familiar with Bikeability will recognize the content, structure and terminology used throughout. My intention was to produce a classroom resource that could also be viewed online, by trainees, in their own time. Any attempt to incorporate Level 2 training in its entirety, in such an abstract format, will be limited at best; seasoned instructors will no doubt find it lacking in certain areas. However, in the absence of a similar resource, I hope that viewers will find it both entertaining and informative.

The presentation has been optimized for  Powerpoint Web App, which, unfortunately, does not support all the animated transitions of the original. Some viewers may find one or two of the sequences a little clunky as a result, depending upon which browser you are using.

Please follow the instructions on the How to view page

Limitations aside, I believe that an animated presentation provides an ideal platform to portray the intrinsic traffic processes and dynamism of the road environment,  in a context that children will comprehend, without the inherent distractions when teaching outdoors. While it is no substitute for supervised on-road experience, it can certainly augment a child’s awareness and understanding in a memorable way.

Hopefully, this admittedly simplistic presentation will inspire someone with the necessary acumen to produce a great resource for Cycle Instructors, like myself, who wish to further the objectives of the National Standard and advance the training undertaken by the numerous individuals and  cycle training organizations committed to safer cycling throughout the UK