If you’re an instructor of a certain age, like me,  you’ll probably remember all those public information films…Charlie says..,  Joe and Petunia, Learn to swim. There were a couple about cycling that I recall… Augustus Windsock, the oldest living cyclist in the world….and this. I could probably recite some of these verbatim, 30 years on, which is a testament to how effective they were. So where is this leading? Well…if you were to analyze the format of the above, you find that they all rely on a simple scenario, a character (s) you relate to (positively or negatively), consequences (positive or negative) and a memorable strap line. It bears an uncanny resemblance to what we are attempting to do when delivering outcomes.

Sadly, the government has announced that the Central Office for Information, the body responsible for all those wonderful films, is to be closed. We’re unlikely to see Primary Position at prime time any time soon, although Irish drivers will be a little more informed with this recent ad …so here’s where you chime in.

As an Instructor, you’ve probably hit upon a great way of getting your trainees to grasp the concept…that light-bulb moment, when you can almost hear the penny drop…and you’ve thought to yourself, “I’ll use that again!” It may be the terminology you’ve used or an analogy that seems to register…Personally, I find rhymes to be really effective…”Only go when you know” for turning onto a major road; “Gaps are hiding places…not riding places” for passing parked cars with spacing. If you have any catchphrases, mnemonics, rhymes, etc. that hit the spot, share them here. Similarly, if you employ a technique during training and you achieve consistently good results, don’t keep it to yourself. There’s more than one way to skin a cat…